Origami in Hyperspace

Like most people who own Moleskine journals, I love them! I don’t love the price tag, but they are awesome little things, to be sure. So when I saw that Moleskine was coming out with a line of Star Wars related journals, I was super excited! Star Wars, journals, and Moleskine? Good deal! With the announcement, they released this cute little video, which I think you will agree is pretty cute.

There are two different journals, and, I might add, they are limited edition, so if you’re going to get me one, you’d better get a move on it! One features the opening crawl in “bronze,” and the other is silver with the memorable jump to hyperspace on it. There is Star Wars artwork inside, too–pictures of the Death Star and X-wings. They also come with a concept poster in the inside pocket. Anyway, I think these things are awesome. They are available large or pocket sized, lined or unlined, here: Star Wars. Origami in hyperspace. – Moleskine ® English.

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