These Aren’t the Smokes You’re Looking For

Droids have hearts?

I know we’ve all complained this a hundred times . . . Movies have enormous influential power over people, so why don’t they use it for good?! And by “good,” we mean “for something other than promoting tie-in products that make the people who made the movie obscenely rich beyond our wildest dreams and accomplish something decent for humanity!”

I mean, I personally have not ever complained this. But somebody must’ve, because in the early 1980s, Artoo and Threepio appeared in a special anti-smoking PSA urging people not to smoke. Apparently it was aired with relative frequency–I dunno, man, I wasn’t born in 1984, and on top of that, my parents didn’t own a TV until like ’87. So apparently this was part of a devastatingly effective anti-smoking campaign, because you almost never see people of this generation with a cigarette . . . oh, wait . . . nope, wrong factoid. Apparently droids are no more effective at promoting a nonsmoking lifestyle than anything else. Or maybe they just didn’t play it enough. Anthony Daniels’ soothing tones ought to be enough to make anybody drop a cigarette! It’s got to be the only time Artoo ever listened to him.

Let’s ignore the technical aspects of how the heck an astromech droid was inhaling tobacco product in the first place. Just enjoy the commercial, man, which despite its humor, ends on a downer.

Oh, and apparently there was going to be a rerelease in 1997, but the powers that be decided against it. Read all about it (here)!

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  1. I do not remember these, but then I don’t think we watched a whole lot of TV. But cool. Makes you wonder why in the world GW thought it was needed to put the whole ‘deathsticks’ in Episode 2


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