Spotlight: Stormtroopers

Paul French: The Friendly Trooper

This is not the environment in which you typically expect to find a Stormtrooper. Normally, we expect to find them in Imperial centers or garrisons, working to keep the Empire safe. Sometimes we even find them searching for things such as droids, rebels, or young blond men Darth Vader has expressed interest in. But not this trooper. No, he’s not a deserter — he’s Paul French, and he’s on a 2,485 mile journey for a cause. This cause is raising money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, an Australian charity that helps sick and injured children and their families. He’s walking, or plans to walk, 20-25 miles each day, five days a week, until he makes it all the way from Perth to Sydney. So that’s pretty cool, right? And all his gear just goes to show you that Stormtroopers don’t try to fit all their stuff in that little fanny pack they wear. (via Daily Geeks & Design You Trust.)

On a lighter note, check out this fun Stormtrooper bit from College Humor, those funny, funny geeks: Where were you when the Death Star went down?

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