Of course you know Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” You know it because you’re a reasonably intelligent human being who is obviously on the internet. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that you’ve heard of it, and, if you listened to it and are honest, you’ve had it in your head because it’s a moderately catchy tune that’s better than the nonsense Kim Kardashan tried to convince us was a song. What you might not know is that a couple of very funny guys called Teddie Films did a delicious parody called “Primeday,” and I have provided it for you here forthwith for viewing enjoyment.

A little more information, because I am a librarian . . . A number of sources, primarily Star Wars role-playing game guides, refer to a five-day week in the Star Wars universe, and put names in them. There’s only six or so sources that cite this, and I could regale you with all kinds of reasons by a five-day week is scientifically and biologically impossible, so suffice it to say that these five silly-named days are not canonical. However, all the days mentioned in the song are in fact cited in the role-playing games. Enjoy the video, anyway :-D

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