The Cake and Cakes

Well, happy this First of the Month that is Star Wars Month. I hope you plan to enjoy it. Today, I’d like to talk to do my spotlight on cakes, because we associate cake with celebration, and what’s worth celebrating more than Star Wars?

My source for these cakes is the great Cake Wrecks blog. I’m not going to show you wrecked SW cakes today, it doesn’t seem in the spirit, but you can see some (here) if you want. The rest are just awesome, worthy of the name, definitely.

This is one of my favorites.

A Star Wars birthday cake
This sweet treat is by Donna Makes Cakes.

The lettering, the gumpaste figures, it’s all adorable! I could go for a birthday cake like this. The only thing that could improve it is if it had galactic blue velvet cake inside.

Now, I’m not planning to get married anytime, well, ever, but if I did, I’d have to seriously consider this awesome wedding cake.

Star Wars Wedding Cake
Delicious and made by the Cake Company

As we all should know, the Episode II Tenth Anniversary is coming up next year, and the year after that is Return of the Jedi‘s Thirtieth. By then, I should probably have gained enough skill to execute a similar cake to this awesome one dedicated to the joy of Jawas . . .

Awesome Jawa Cake
This adorable goodie was made by Sweet Libertine Cakes

I do like a nice Jawa. Plus, when I finally open my Star Wars-themed bookstore/cafe (Jawa Java . . . or Jawas & Java), it can be the ribbon-cutting cake! I love the black candles that look like debris, and the Graham cracker sand.

Onto some spacecraftery . . . Here’s a great Star Destroyer.

Star Destroyer Cake
This delightful Destroyer was made by Charm City Cakes

Lastly, I’d like to share with you with a very special cake, which is one my friends and I made for the Episode I Tenth Anniversary.

10th Anniversary Cake
The Episode I Tenth Anniversary Cake

We made this cake out of your standard store mix, cut it into sections, then dyed cream cheese icing to use for the detail. The Haiku, by the way, is from another Star Wars site I used to hang out on, and I’ll detail that again sometime.

Other details of our celebration are as follows.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To eat, we had yummy Jawa eyes (peach jello in an illuminated bowl), plus various chips and candies (mynock eggs), plus Yoda-sausage-in-a-blanket and Quarren arm fries. Entertainment consisted of watching Episode I, and then playing Star Wars Life. We had Tatooine Sunrises to drink (ginger ale and orange juice) and listened to the E1 soundtrack. That was a good time. If you’d like to mimic our cake-making ability, haha, here’s a great little video I made of the process.

And that’s all for now! May the Force be with you!

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