Collecting Star Wars

I present another “guest” blog post for this Fun Friday. They’re sort of like a getting to know you, I think. This comes  from a blogging challenge on my other site, Hundredaire Socialite. It’s only a portion of the whole post, and you can read the rest at Day 14: Blogger’s Choice.

I do collect any stuffed animals. My newest addition is the silky-soft, galaxy blue Trilogy, the limited-edition Star Wars bear from Build-A-Bear that my brother-in-law Marcus gave me for Christmas.

That brings us to the next collection. Yeah, um, you may not have noticed . . . I love Star Wars. I just–I do. Now, the picture above is extremely old. My guess is it’s from sometime in mid-2002? But it gives you a better idea of the general contents of my collection: VHS tapes, a mousepad, action figures, Legos, calenders, boxes of cereal, pop cans, trading cards, PEZ dispensers, the cup from the first showing of Episode II . . . just a real variety of stuff. Oh, my Cheerios Matchbox cars! Those things are cool. I think there’s a superball too. Oh, in the plastic cup is that green Qui-Gon bookmark that utterly disappeared. . . . My first SW items were kind of contraband–an Episode I poster, a sticker studio, and a copy of Darksaber that a friend of Kari’s gave me–I am kind of not sure why? Mom and I had a big fight about the SW poster and I had a ranty angry entry in my diary about it, blah-blah-blah. I made my own SW paper dolls, drew pictures, started a story on notebook paper, all of which I kept in a little box in the closet. I had a friend named Megan who let me borrow her SW books, and I started a notebook of SW information copied out of a Star Wars scrapbook she owned. We also mailed each other stuff–little flashcards, bookmarks, that kind of thing. She sent me a mini-poster of Luke which I put up in my closet. (I, uh, used to hang out in my closet–it was just a regular-depth closet, but I just kind of shut myself up in my closet when I wanted to be alone. The poster was nice flair.) So, yeah, that stuff was early. I made my own lightsabers–my niece Heather and I used to play with those endlessly. That was epic fun. But when E2 came out, I really started getting stuff. Kristine and I bought a bulk set of action figures; we also got trading cards, more food labels, stuff like that, just tons of stuff. Michelle supplied me with lots of action figures, too. Mom even got me a Naboo fighter ornament from Hallmark. So now my Star Wars collection fills up a file box, in addition to four big cardboard boxes and a tube of posters. One of my most complete SW collections are the Episode III-themed toys from Burger King in 2005; I am only missing one of Series 1 and, well, several of Series 2. But it’s a pretty full collection! This picture is of all the paper stuff I’ve collected in connection with SW over the years.

Primarily newspapers and homemade stuff–printouts of webpages, my Star Wars notebook, ads . . . I’m working on a scrapbook called Star Wars: A Love Story, but it’s kind of on hold because of grad school. A lot of this paper stuff is going to be arranged to make sense in that book. Anyway, it gives you an idea. The SW collection is certainly my largest and most enduring. Although I do collect it for a reason, which perhaps lessens its “collection” status; because I write about SW, I like to have as much of the stuff about it around as possible, in addition to the fact that having this stuff just gives me pleasure.

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