Spotlight: Easter

Stormtrooper Easter Bunny
I’m here to deliver this Death Star egg. What? No takers?

Today, as you might have noticed, was Easter across the Empire. It wasn’t for me because I’ve been doing research papers all day. However, that doesn’t mean that stormtroopers across the galaxy weren’t doing their share to spread Easter cheer.What kind of cheer? Well, Easter eggs, of course!

Star Wars and Easter Eggs go together like ham and bacon. Or something. Here are some of the best Star Wars Easter eggs:

  • The number 1138 appears in every film somewhere.
  • To see the Episode I gag reel, go under the Options menu and hit 10+1 (or 11), 3, and 8. The same will get you the gag reel on E2.
  • E.T. makes an appearance in E1 in the Senate.
  • Two YT-1300s are visible on Naboo as the refugee transport makes its landing (E2).
  • Achmed Best and Anthony Daniels appear out of costume as different characters in the nightclub on Coruscant in E2.
  • One of the asteroids in the asteroid belt Jango chases Obi-Wan through is a shaak from Naboo.
  • On disc 1 of the E3 DVD, in the Options menu, highlight the THX  and select 1, 1, 3, 8 to watch Yoda do a hip hop dance.
  • In the opening scene of Episode III, one of the pieces of shrapnel that flies off the destroyed Separatist ship is a literal kitchen sink.
  • The Millennium Falcon can be seen departing Coruscant in E3.
  • George Lucas and his daughter can be seen in alien getup in the opera house scene in E3. Actually, all three of Lucas’ kids appear in the films–the young Jedi Zett (in E2 and E3) is played by his son.
  • In the special edition Mos Eisely sequence of ANH, Dash Rendar’s ship Outrider can be seen lifting off.
Bunny Trooperes
Seriously, I can’t get any takers?

Some more SW-related Easter eggs dropped off by the Stormtrooper bunny . . .

  • In Star Trek (2009), you can see R2-D2 flying through space. It’s the scene where the Enterprise reaches Vulcan and the camera looks out the viewport over Pike’s shoulder

What? Not the eggs you were looking for? Fiiiiine . . . I find these less cheery than these hip-hoppity Stormtroopers — the rash of these eggheaded villains and heroes I’ve been seeing all over the webs today:

Star Wars Easter Eggs
Star Wars Easter Eggs
Another batch of eggs
And a second batch . . .

Now, no offense to anyone, of course, but those are just freaky. Giant-headed Yoda is far more distressing than the typical brand, and, call me old-fashioned all you like, but stickers on Easter eggs is frankly cheating. The movie stills are kind of cute, but in all, it just doesn’t seem like the egg-making experience I’m looking for. Conversely, these hand-painted eggs ooze adorableness:

Adorable Ewok, Maul, and Chewie
Adorable Ewok, Maul, and Chewie

So there you have it. That’s how the galaxy’s celebrating Easter this year. May the Force be with you!

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