Spotlight: BluRay

Saga on BluRay
The Complete Saga!

Well, the big news of this week is, naturally, that Star Wars has finally come available on Blu-Ray. This also marks, to the absolute best of my knowledge, the only time all six films have been made available at one time. Yes, that’s right, you can get all six films in one set! Now, a collector like me is pretty well cheesed that Mr. Lucas hasn’t done this in the last six years. Actually, I’ve still never forgiven him for not releasing Episode III was a VHS, let alone a complete set of VHS tapes. I know it probably wasn’t lucrative, but the lack of an E3 tape looks like a broken tooth on my shelf of Star Wars tapes. I’m kind of tapping my foot and drumming my fingers that the six films have never come out as a DVD set, either. (Personally I’ve never seen the big deal about BluRay, but my sister says you’ve got to have a good TV and all the right wires to make it worthwhile.) I really don’t know what the hangup is about releasing them in sets that it’s taken them until 2011, but I digress.

Yes, that’s right, is even offering you a pre-order price of 36% off, making it a grand total of $89.99. The actual release date is September 16, 2011, a mere 4 months and 25 days before the release of Episode I in 3D to theaters.

Now, say you don’t want the complete saga on BluRay. Why? I don’t know. But I have my own canon and I’m not going to criticize people who also take the trouble to customize their canon. Additionally, you might be like me, hankering to own each and every multimedia copy of the legendary films that are released, from laserdisc to BluRay and back again. I’m the person who has to stop myself every time I’m in a Half Price Books from buying up every single Episode I VHS I find for a dollar. (It’d be kind of cool to own every VHS copy of E1 possible, okay? It would.) So Amazon has a treat for you all, too. Well, Amazon and Lucasfilm, I suppose.

So now you can buy the prequels, or the original trilogy, or all three conveniently on Amazon. Or, more accurately, pre-order them for a low-low price of 36% off. And that’s the spotlight for this Sunday! MTFBWY.

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