Review: Obsessed With Star Wars

So I’m thinking once a week I’ll come in here and post something, some random trivia or something, to educate you more about Star Wars, and I’ll try to make that be Friday. Then one other day of the week, which will probably be random, I’ll come in with a random character bio or review of something like a book, movie, or website.

Obsessed with this game
Obsessed with this game

Today I think I’ll keep it brief and do a quick review of the book Obsessed With Star Wars. This is a fantastic trivia book that offers 2,500 questions over the entire time-span from Episode I to Return of the Jedi, including Expanded Universe questions.

Each page offers one “story question” complete with a picture, while the rest are simple one-line questions ranging in difficulty from “What color is Mace Windu’s lightsaber?” to “How many arms do female Besalisks have?” All answers are multiple-choice. Gameplay is facilitated by a digital box attached to the back cover; it has a simple interface with an on/off button and four answer buttons. You may choose Question Select mode, where you can, with some effort, play through all the questions numerically, or summon a question of your choice. The default mode is Random Question, however, where the computer will ask you a completely randomized question (which means it will repeat itself). After you make your choice, it will either display “CORRECT” or “INCORRECT,” with the correct answer. It will keep track of your score, both by percentage and by total correct answers out of total questions answered.

If you can believe it, without cheating (i.e., looking up the answer), I average around the 75% correct range. These questions are not for virgin Star Warriors, let me tell you! The book is divided into six sections, one for each film, but EU material from each movie’s time frame is included. For example, under Episode I, questions about Jude Watson’s “Jedi Apprentice” series are included. Novels such as Shadows of the Empire and the Bounty Hunter War trilogy are also included, but nothing later than ROTJ is offered.

Unless one considers the relative difficulty of many of these questions as a drawback, the book’s only real problem is that the answers are only included in the digital device. The good news is that its batteries are replaceable–standard watch-batteries. In short, this is a great book and a great resource. It’s fun and challenging, and I can tell you from personal experience that it can make a four-hour car ride go by in about 20 minutes. It has a good sturdy hardback binding, too, and should survive vigorous pawing.

Check it out on Amazon.

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